“…an eternal explorer sailing back and forth across an ocean of creativity to new lands of discovery” is how Andrea Aste, the artist philosopher, describes himself. A navigator from painting to poetry, animation to film, or novels to theatre; A true Renaissance man. His projects include collaborations with photographers, stage directors, graphic designers, architects and art directors on an international level. His works has been exhibited at Venice Biennale and various museums and institutions (click on the TopHat to see the full CV)


Andrea Aste’s early life was quite adventurous. Born in Italy, his family immigrated to Argentina. They were forced to flee the country during the Videla dictatorship and return to Italy where his studio The Whale’s Belly is currently located.



With no formal training, his love affair with art began after he received his Masters in analytic philosophy at the University of Torino.



“I was in London viewing an exhibition. Up until then, I lived in a world quite cold, made up of theorems, rigid definitions and logic. At one point I found myself in an empty white room. Suddenly something very strange and exciting happened; out of nowhere, I envisioned vibrant colored paintings hanging upon the once bare walls…These were my paintings! They belonged to me. It was an epiphany. That day I discovered the difference from describing the world and savoring it…”



From that moment on AA began his personal artistic research combining an alchemy of art and philosophy which found expression in the creation of fictional parallel worlds. Regularly AA is invited by Universities and schools of art to guest speak and lecture on his research.

“I prefer to focus my attention on the beauty in the world. Why concentrate on the negative aspects of existence? These are burdens which prevent us from soaring and reaching for a sense of tranquillity and happiness. From being be able to accomplish something good and positive in our lives. Everything is marvelous. Everything is perfect in the way it is.”



And indeed through the works of AA the observer looks at the world with the eye of a child, everything has a spirit, is alive, everything talk to him capturing him in a dimension made up of delicate and poetic atmospheres, suspended in a land without time and space.



“Each day we must remind ourselves to experience something new. To discover tastes never savoured. Letting ourselves give into other sensations. To fearlessly explore the world that exists outside the walls in which we confine ourselves. Once beyond the horizon of what is familiar, to dance, be joyous, love… Every new horizon is a new universe awaiting.”

“From my point of view art should be something to enjoy. It should aid people in forgetting their worries, showing the beauty of being in the here and now, the magic of being alive. I invite the viewer into my world like a guest into my home. I want them to be relaxed and comfortable. My art accomplishes its purposes if when taken into a home or gallery, it creates a sense of happiness and an appreciation.”



The works of Andrea Aste are a joyful inquiry into reality. An attempt to tear away Maya’s veil with usage of nonsense and spatial deformations combined with his personal use of bright colours, perfectly reflecting his sunny personality.

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