Andrea Aste was given carte blanche for creating the interior of this upscale locale. He endeavoured to create an artistically sensorial atmosphere for a unique dining experience by integrating his art style into the interior design.


Interior design:

Frescos, Floors decoration & Paintings



Advertising, Business cards, Advertising logo and mascots, Menù,

Coffee cups set, Bottle labels, Packagings

We wanted to create a place away from the usual locals, a place set apart where one could be at peace with the rest of the world, a small melting pot of art, food, friendliness and smiles of ease. To free ones flight of fancy. And so it happened -  because meetings are never random, at least if you want to transform them into art.

5 Stars Restaurant, Milan, Italy

At the entrance of Semigiò there is a sentence which reads: "La vita è l'arte dell’incontro”  ("life is the art of encounter"). Such as it was that life, some years later, brought us to an encounter with the art of Andrea Aste.  It was love at first sight. Immediate as its communicative and visionary power and as strong and determined as its colours. When, some time later, we came up with the idea and the urgent need to create a restaurant that wasn't simply a dispenser of good food, Andrea quickly came back to mind…the artist with whom we hoped could share in and support our challenge.

Andrea listened to us, gathered and molded some our ideas and added his own. He literally locked himself away inside the work area for more than 20 hot days of August. Finally, he emerged after those 20 days, an eternity for us and our curiosity, and had achieved what can be considered the envelopment and at the same time the conceptual essence of Semigiò: the walls, completely painted, were ready to welcome and create other thousands and thousands of meetings, telling the tale of a fantasy world that reconciles with the soul. Andrea eyes were moist from emotion, tiredness and much more. And in a very sincere voice he says, "I have filled your fantasy with my colors."