If men define situations as real, they are real in their consequences.

(Thomas theorem)

The Book of Shadows is a multimedia (non)reality experience; an adventure in a land of dangers, mysteries and untold truths, where alchemy, magic and science are intertwined in secret ciphers and cunning plots, all on a background of ancient struggles between occult powers. The project recreates a visionary parallel world revolving around a mysterious manuscript and a deck of Tarot cards, obscure works of a fictional Alchemist.



The Book of Shadows is:

the Alchemist's manuscript & deck of tarot
the mockumentary
the tour of exhibitions

the tarot set box published by Lo Scarabeo

 The World that Is but Wasn't

In the past 3 years, by extensive historical research and consultation with semiotics, sociologists and art historians, Aste gave shape to an extremely detailed parallel world so realistic as to create the illusion of being factual.


"Through my art I begin playing with mixing our “real” world, its history and people with fictional elements, characters and places. I wanted to suspend belief and free the power of imagination by leading you into a parallel dimension at a point in time when magic was a force of nature to be tamed and the world was a mere blank spot on a map waiting to be traced. A fantastic dimension where reality and non-reality are so entwined that it is impossible to discern any clear trace of boundaries between them giving us pause to consider the role of imagination and art in the representation and comprehension of our very existence, of the world and of life".


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The Mockumentary

London, 2010. After centuries of being hidden away, an obscure manuscript along with a pack of tarot cards, both written in a mysterious unknown alphabet, are brought to light.


Could the manuscript be hiding some coded knowledge to be kept secret or protected at any cost? Is it dangerous as some scholar suggest? Why every one want it? Who is the unknown Alchemist who created it? The academic world is in confrontation with conflicting theories and opinions. What is the truth about the most mysterious book ever written?



For the first time, CCB History attempts to unveil a secret jealously guarded  for centuries, presenting the most accurate and complete documentary every filmed about this controversial subject, with the contribution of eminent experts: art historians, philosophers, expert in military cyphers and codes, logicians and ancient language researchers, historians, theologians, occult expert and sociologists.


With the special participation of

Prof. Roger Scruton writer and philosopher, Oxford University, UK

Dr. Augustus Casely-Hayford School of Oriental and African Studies, London University, UK

Mary Greer, writer, teacher and tarot reader


In certain moments the fabric of the parallel world is ripped apart and another level of reality appear: an animation, narrated by international star Arturo Brachetti, tells the Alchemist’s story.


Director             Andrea Aste

Narrators          Arturo Brachetti

                            Irvin Colin-Bell

Animation             Andrea Aste

Soundtrack           Giorgio Boffa

Music Director     Giorgio Boffa

Runtime              1h 14 minutes

Country                England

Language            English

“Andrea Aste, poet, painter, filmmaker, uses the timeless manuscript illustrations to create an existence in which past and present coexist.” -La Riviste Cinematographique

“It is a structurally audacious documentary that shows how narratives reflect and shape life.”

C.Y. Well YourMovie

“You’ll remember the dreamlike state the film induces long after the credits roll.”

Planet Documentary

The Exhibition Tour

"The parallel world will be tangible in a tour of exhibitions modeled around the same concept: real historical finds will be mixed up with the objects I have created. Fiction and reality have to communicate in order to entertain the audience while at the same time making visitors think about the role of fantasy and myth in the representation and understanding of our very own world and life. It would be a magical experience, people will be able to interact with the parallel world and be part of it with interviews, creative laboratories, etc." (Andrea Aste)


The Tarot Box

The project was presented and founded on Kickstarter (July the 14th), allowing the realization of the box set containing the Deck of Tarot and the Art Book with the integral reproduction and decryption of the Alchemist's manuscript, a guide to new tarot Spreads, symbols and reference charts, rare maps, graphic and historical reconstruction, interviews ad lots more!


The Box Set containing the Tarot and the Art Book will be published and sold by Lo Scarabeo (January 2016), in a special limited edition.

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